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Roof Systems


The Trapezoidal system is a raised seam metal roof which is designed to “float” to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. This is accomplished with concealed sliding clips which allow for up to 3” of expansion and contraction. The panel sidelap has factory applied mastic and can be completely erected without the use of electric seaming machines.

  CFR panel
PBR Roof

PBR Roof is available in Galvalume®, and standard colors. Other colors and 24 gage are available upon special request. PBR Roof panels are a tried and true roof system for most purlin applications.

  Classic Roof panel
Architectural Standing Seam

Architectural Standing Seam is a Structural Standing Seam Vertical Rib Panel that is perfect for architectural requirements in today's marketplace. This weathertight system is an ideal solution for buildings with hips and valleys.

  VR16 panel